I set off after work Friday night after a horrible night’s sleep of worry and a crazy day at work. There was heavy traffic in New Jersey, of course because of the shore, and then there was a ton of rain through the rest of Jersey, and into New York. The clouds began to break, and a partial rainbow appeared. I ended up seeing one of the most impressive sunsets with the clouds trimmed in a deep pink. I knew the rest of the trip wouldn’t be so bad.
There he was, lying in bed. The instant we touched, I felt as though I had had more than four hours of sleep the night before, and he felt almost well again. It’s a crazy thing.
Although he wasn’t in the mood to do much the next day, we managed to go to the mall and browse the aisles of home items to figure out what we still need to get for our apartment before we move in. There we were, sitting in chairs we couldn’t afford, debating whether we should spend money on food, or eat leftover spaghetti that he had made me that night before.
We made our way back to his house to heat some spaghetti, but first, picked up two large cans of Bud Light Lime’s new Lime-a-Rita’s. THOSE we felt were worthy of spending money on. We ordered a pizza for dinner that night, and relaxed on the couch drinking the lime-a-rita’s. Only for a short time though, because they tasted very odd. We went to the beach while the sun was setting and it was a beautiful thing, being at the beach with the boy.
Today we were a little sad that I had to leave, but he IS feeling almost better, and we officially get our apartment in five and half weeks. We made it through his study abroad in England for three and a half months, so we knew this was little in comparison.
After driving over four hours to get back to my home in Pennsylvania, I know in the end I didn’t care that it took four hours to get to him. It could have taken forty, and I still would have made the trip happen. But what mattered most, is that when he needed me, I was there.




There’s a few things that have happened recently that I don’t understand. Why I’ve shaved my legs a billion times and still manage to cut myself, or why people try to bring others into their misery. But the hardest one has been going on for the past couple days.
My boyfriend, Christopher, started getting sick Monday, nothing major. Yesterday comes around and he’s having a lot of flu-like symptoms. He went to the doctor later in the day, and he is told that he could have acute pneumonia or lime disease.
Final results will take a few days, so he could take medication for both, or just deal with it.
What I don’t understand is, why is this all of a sudden popping up? I have faith that he will be fine, no matter what he is, but how entirely quick it came on.
So I tell myself, I have to go visit him this weekend, right after work tomorrow. There was a little hesitation from my father since we don’t know if it’s contagious, but the doctor assured Christopher that it is not at this point.
My point is that I would go either way. It sounds awful, and not to wish sickness upon my self, but I figure, he needs me now more than ever….if I am able to go, why not go? My being there is most important, so there I will take myself. No hesitation.
Love is a very powerful thing. Connecticut is a good four hour drive away, yet I would have gone after he went to the doctor yesterday if I could have left work with no repercussions. Because I know that he’d do that for me. And because our relationship is at that point that even a day together would be worth a 78 hour drive (this is a rough quote straight from him). So I’ll take these next few days, whatever it may bring, stop trying to understand it, and just be thankful that I will get to see him sooner than expected.


Father’s Day is a reminder that sometimes parents, specifically our dads can be taken for granted. I am one of those people who isn’t always thankful for my dad being around, especially when he annoys me non-stop.
But I do remember a time when I was most thankful. About 15 years ago, my father, had an aortic dissection and Lansdale doctors stood around hoping that he did not die while in their hospital. They outright told my mother that there was no chance he’d live. He was flown to Philadelphia by helicopter, and his life was saved, not by his doctor, but by a miracle (so his doctor said).
Every statistic verifies how slim survival is from an experience like that. John Ritter, the famous actor, died from the same condition. But not MY dad.
Daddy. He’s had a few medical issues I could elaborate on since then, but nothing as drastic as that first time. He has been able to see me earn my bachelor’s degree, and will be able to walk me down the aisle during my wedding and annoy the kids I’ll have just as he annoys me.
Although sometimes I just wish he’d leave me alone, this day renews my thankfulness for having him around since there are a lot of people whose father’s are just not around, or have passed on. Let the memories of those who have left continue to keep them alive.
Here’s to all the fathers, dads, and daddys. No one said fatherhood would be easy, but I bet it sure was worth it.



An unusual number of things can happen, all in one day. Some for the better, sometimes for the worst. It can sometimes be overwhelming, but I think we often forget that everyone has things they are going through.
The other day at work, it had already been a busy day and I was being held responsible for a very expensive item that could not be found, no matter how many people looked for it. I did what I would do with any other item, and included where it was put. For some unexplainable reason, it was not where it should have been. After multiple people tried to find it, I took my turn and hoped I’d have more luck. But it still could not be found. My boss’s were very upset, not directly with me, but with the situation. I definitely understood why.
That night, I couldn’t stop worrying about it. I knew it was out of my hands, but couldn’t help but feel I did something wrong since I was verifiably the last one to touch it. My boyfriend told me not to worry and that it would be found. And that’s the thing i didn’t realize at the time: worrying about it did nothing to help the situation.
The next morning, a girl in another department found it in her office. But no one knows how it got there. And the day continued like nothing had ever happened.
Point being? Why worry about things that are beyond our control? It’s not like my worrying made it easier to find the item. But also, understand that while you are dealing with something, others probably are as well. The day was crazy enough without that item being missing. Luckily the girls I work with are able to handle those busy times with ease.
But still Smile. Life wouldn’t be half the ride without crazy times. Things may happen, but embrace the fact that they will, and take it on full force minus the worry and frustration.

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I’m just like everyone out there that has a lot to be thankful for, but can only focus on worries or bad things that happen. But my parents and I were discussing how tough it really is for my dad’s boss when he worked at Pizza Hut.
I saw this the other day:

And for his boss, this could be an actuality not for herself, but for her husband.
He was diagnosed with cancer about two years ago, discovered by accident. Nonetheless, after various treatments over that time, he’s gotten worse and gotten better. Doctors believe he should have been dead long ago, but he still lives, though few parts of him remain untouched by illness.
Yeah, he’s not really himself, but he knows that he wants to remain at home while he is still alive. Instead of putting him in hospice or paying outrageous amounts of money for in-home nurses, he and his wife remodeled their kitchen so that he might still enjoy it while he’s alive. Isn’t that what matters most? To make the last days the most substantial?
But I also wonder if you ever reach that point where you say “enough is enough”? That you’ve done all you can and bear to watch that other person suffer anymore? I hope I never find myself in this situation. She’s doing the best she can for him, yet he doesn’t even know he’s dying. She’s filling his days with meaning, while he can still fill her’s.
Time. It’s an interesting thing. And as that quotation says, “while you wake up today, know someone is taking their last breath.” I’ve never felt so grateful to wake up. I hope you’ll remember that when you find it hard to get out of bed.


Last Friday, a few girls from work and I went out for drinks after an INCREDIBLY tough week. A very interesting couple bothered us a few times, and as a result, a very nice woman began talking to two of my co-workers because of their hilarious reaction toward the couple.
They noticed her beautiful leather Tory Burch cross body bag, and dropped Linda’s Stuff into the conversation (check out my work’s website,, for major deals on high end designer items!) She pointed to her mother’s new Gucci python handbag, just sitting on a chair, which had my co-workers in shock and awe.
Through this conversation, the woman also mentioned that she was a consultant for Mary Kay cosmetics. She told them she was holding an event and that my co-workers could come for makeovers and bring whomever they wanted to.
Connect. That event was today. I’m still not sure why we were meant to meet her, but there we were. We followed the woman through the hotel lobby and into the conference room, her peep toe Louboutins leading the way.
Each of us applied our own makeup step by step, which was very entertaining. Now, I had to keep my wallet closed tightly, but I did end up enjoying a few of the cleansers since I don’t wear makeup too often. The option to purchase a few of their items is also available, of course after a hefty paycheck comes in! The entire event was longer than we all expected. It ran a little long since the consultants were having a meeting at the same time (lasting for almost three hours) and I was not instantly dying to become one of them, although I did have a tiny bit of interest…maybe when I get my next full-time job haha!
And ANY girl could be happy driving the free pink cadillac you receive from getting high sales! 😉


A little over two and half years ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. He and I were just in a musical together at our college, and we had been hanging out every night for a few weeks. He’d tell you I was playing very hard to get. Maybe I was, since I had never had this type of connection with someone of the opposite sex before. I thought i made it very obvious how in love with him I was. We saw a lot of things differently, but I think that’s what made him so special.

We had spent little time apart, just going to classes. But Spring Break seemed to come quickly, and disrupt that. I felt miserable, and we sent text messages back and forth that night we each went home, since we still had never talked over the phone.

The next day, 306, or 03/06/2010. When I woke up that morning, I had no idea that this day would prompt one of the greatest gifts of my entire life. I had been missing everything about him terribly and found it very difficult to sleep. Again, we had been talking via text message most of the day, still too scared to call the other. And then he said it (well, typed it), “I really wanted to wait until we got back to school for this, but will you go out with me?” A phrase so simple, yet something I had been hoping to hear. I finally knew that he felt the way I had for a while.

So here I am two and a half years later. We lived in the same building those first few months during school, and I can’t believe how spoiled we were. He visited this weekend and left this afternoon, and I never thought I’d be so thankful for just two days with him every couple of weeks. Thanks for your love and support every day, Christopher. I’m so grateful that you asked me out that day.

More to come, next post… 🙂