Last Friday, a few girls from work and I went out for drinks after an INCREDIBLY tough week. A very interesting couple bothered us a few times, and as a result, a very nice woman began talking to two of my co-workers because of their hilarious reaction toward the couple.
They noticed her beautiful leather Tory Burch cross body bag, and dropped Linda’s Stuff into the conversation (check out my work’s website,, for major deals on high end designer items!) She pointed to her mother’s new Gucci python handbag, just sitting on a chair, which had my co-workers in shock and awe.
Through this conversation, the woman also mentioned that she was a consultant for Mary Kay cosmetics. She told them she was holding an event and that my co-workers could come for makeovers and bring whomever they wanted to.
Connect. That event was today. I’m still not sure why we were meant to meet her, but there we were. We followed the woman through the hotel lobby and into the conference room, her peep toe Louboutins leading the way.
Each of us applied our own makeup step by step, which was very entertaining. Now, I had to keep my wallet closed tightly, but I did end up enjoying a few of the cleansers since I don’t wear makeup too often. The option to purchase a few of their items is also available, of course after a hefty paycheck comes in! The entire event was longer than we all expected. It ran a little long since the consultants were having a meeting at the same time (lasting for almost three hours) and I was not instantly dying to become one of them, although I did have a tiny bit of interest…maybe when I get my next full-time job haha!
And ANY girl could be happy driving the free pink cadillac you receive from getting high sales! 😉


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