I’m just like everyone out there that has a lot to be thankful for, but can only focus on worries or bad things that happen. But my parents and I were discussing how tough it really is for my dad’s boss when he worked at Pizza Hut.
I saw this the other day:

And for his boss, this could be an actuality not for herself, but for her husband.
He was diagnosed with cancer about two years ago, discovered by accident. Nonetheless, after various treatments over that time, he’s gotten worse and gotten better. Doctors believe he should have been dead long ago, but he still lives, though few parts of him remain untouched by illness.
Yeah, he’s not really himself, but he knows that he wants to remain at home while he is still alive. Instead of putting him in hospice or paying outrageous amounts of money for in-home nurses, he and his wife remodeled their kitchen so that he might still enjoy it while he’s alive. Isn’t that what matters most? To make the last days the most substantial?
But I also wonder if you ever reach that point where you say “enough is enough”? That you’ve done all you can and bear to watch that other person suffer anymore? I hope I never find myself in this situation. She’s doing the best she can for him, yet he doesn’t even know he’s dying. She’s filling his days with meaning, while he can still fill her’s.
Time. It’s an interesting thing. And as that quotation says, “while you wake up today, know someone is taking their last breath.” I’ve never felt so grateful to wake up. I hope you’ll remember that when you find it hard to get out of bed.


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