An unusual number of things can happen, all in one day. Some for the better, sometimes for the worst. It can sometimes be overwhelming, but I think we often forget that everyone has things they are going through.
The other day at work, it had already been a busy day and I was being held responsible for a very expensive item that could not be found, no matter how many people looked for it. I did what I would do with any other item, and included where it was put. For some unexplainable reason, it was not where it should have been. After multiple people tried to find it, I took my turn and hoped I’d have more luck. But it still could not be found. My boss’s were very upset, not directly with me, but with the situation. I definitely understood why.
That night, I couldn’t stop worrying about it. I knew it was out of my hands, but couldn’t help but feel I did something wrong since I was verifiably the last one to touch it. My boyfriend told me not to worry and that it would be found. And that’s the thing i didn’t realize at the time: worrying about it did nothing to help the situation.
The next morning, a girl in another department found it in her office. But no one knows how it got there. And the day continued like nothing had ever happened.
Point being? Why worry about things that are beyond our control? It’s not like my worrying made it easier to find the item. But also, understand that while you are dealing with something, others probably are as well. The day was crazy enough without that item being missing. Luckily the girls I work with are able to handle those busy times with ease.
But still Smile. Life wouldn’t be half the ride without crazy times. Things may happen, but embrace the fact that they will, and take it on full force minus the worry and frustration.

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