Father’s Day is a reminder that sometimes parents, specifically our dads can be taken for granted. I am one of those people who isn’t always thankful for my dad being around, especially when he annoys me non-stop.
But I do remember a time when I was most thankful. About 15 years ago, my father, had an aortic dissection and Lansdale doctors stood around hoping that he did not die while in their hospital. They outright told my mother that there was no chance he’d live. He was flown to Philadelphia by helicopter, and his life was saved, not by his doctor, but by a miracle (so his doctor said).
Every statistic verifies how slim survival is from an experience like that. John Ritter, the famous actor, died from the same condition. But not MY dad.
Daddy. He’s had a few medical issues I could elaborate on since then, but nothing as drastic as that first time. He has been able to see me earn my bachelor’s degree, and will be able to walk me down the aisle during my wedding and annoy the kids I’ll have just as he annoys me.
Although sometimes I just wish he’d leave me alone, this day renews my thankfulness for having him around since there are a lot of people whose father’s are just not around, or have passed on. Let the memories of those who have left continue to keep them alive.
Here’s to all the fathers, dads, and daddys. No one said fatherhood would be easy, but I bet it sure was worth it.



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