There’s a few things that have happened recently that I don’t understand. Why I’ve shaved my legs a billion times and still manage to cut myself, or why people try to bring others into their misery. But the hardest one has been going on for the past couple days.
My boyfriend, Christopher, started getting sick Monday, nothing major. Yesterday comes around and he’s having a lot of flu-like symptoms. He went to the doctor later in the day, and he is told that he could have acute pneumonia or lime disease.
Final results will take a few days, so he could take medication for both, or just deal with it.
What I don’t understand is, why is this all of a sudden popping up? I have faith that he will be fine, no matter what he is, but how entirely quick it came on.
So I tell myself, I have to go visit him this weekend, right after work tomorrow. There was a little hesitation from my father since we don’t know if it’s contagious, but the doctor assured Christopher that it is not at this point.
My point is that I would go either way. It sounds awful, and not to wish sickness upon my self, but I figure, he needs me now more than ever….if I am able to go, why not go? My being there is most important, so there I will take myself. No hesitation.
Love is a very powerful thing. Connecticut is a good four hour drive away, yet I would have gone after he went to the doctor yesterday if I could have left work with no repercussions. Because I know that he’d do that for me. And because our relationship is at that point that even a day together would be worth a 78 hour drive (this is a rough quote straight from him). So I’ll take these next few days, whatever it may bring, stop trying to understand it, and just be thankful that I will get to see him sooner than expected.


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