I set off after work Friday night after a horrible night’s sleep of worry and a crazy day at work. There was heavy traffic in New Jersey, of course because of the shore, and then there was a ton of rain through the rest of Jersey, and into New York. The clouds began to break, and a partial rainbow appeared. I ended up seeing one of the most impressive sunsets with the clouds trimmed in a deep pink. I knew the rest of the trip wouldn’t be so bad.
There he was, lying in bed. The instant we touched, I felt as though I had had more than four hours of sleep the night before, and he felt almost well again. It’s a crazy thing.
Although he wasn’t in the mood to do much the next day, we managed to go to the mall and browse the aisles of home items to figure out what we still need to get for our apartment before we move in. There we were, sitting in chairs we couldn’t afford, debating whether we should spend money on food, or eat leftover spaghetti that he had made me that night before.
We made our way back to his house to heat some spaghetti, but first, picked up two large cans of Bud Light Lime’s new Lime-a-Rita’s. THOSE we felt were worthy of spending money on. We ordered a pizza for dinner that night, and relaxed on the couch drinking the lime-a-rita’s. Only for a short time though, because they tasted very odd. We went to the beach while the sun was setting and it was a beautiful thing, being at the beach with the boy.
Today we were a little sad that I had to leave, but he IS feeling almost better, and we officially get our apartment in five and half weeks. We made it through his study abroad in England for three and a half months, so we knew this was little in comparison.
After driving over four hours to get back to my home in Pennsylvania, I know in the end I didn’t care that it took four hours to get to him. It could have taken forty, and I still would have made the trip happen. But what mattered most, is that when he needed me, I was there.



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