After graduating college a year ago, it’s been difficult to find the time to see some of my good friends from school. We’re all at different jobs working different hours, and are spread across at least three different states, so it’s not exactly ideal. But a few girls and I planned a beach weekend a few months ago, and it actually worked out!
Grabbed some Wawa and headed to New Jersey with Christina. Hit a little traffic but nothing too horrible. Got to Ana’s house in New Jersey, and then Heather joined us all. We took it easy that night and had a campfire and a few drinks. Heather and Christina decided to toast marshmallows using a grill lighter, which went as exactly as you can imagine. We spent the night until at least two in the morning discussing our college memories and the things that freak us out because we’re kind of actually adults.
We got started a little later in the morning. Drank coffee, got sandwiches for the road from Wawa, and began the trip over to Wildwood. Of course, there was a lot of traffic on the way. After reaching the area and luckily finding a parking spot, we began the trek to the beach. There was some kind of sports camp, which we discovered when we saw the rows of colorful tents lining the beach. We walked single file down this thin trail marked off in between tents to get to the water.
We spent some time on the beach and in and out of the water, and the good news was that no one got sunburned! Heather, Ana, and Caroline got some pizza from this nice little place, and Christina and I split some curly fries (a barrel full of them to be exact) and cheese.
Our time together wasn’t long, but I had so much fun talking just like we used to in school. Although we’re all doing different things and it’s sometimes hard to get together, we still have our friendship and gatherings make me feel that I saw them all yesterday.



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