It’s that time of year again; some people dread it, while others are excited for presents and a reason to eat cake. It was my birthday. The big 2 4. But I don’t feel any different, nor do I feel closer to having a mid-life crisis than I did yesterday.
I have thought about all things I am grateful to have experienced in all these years though. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in a field I had never considered for myself, I went to England for a week, and I have the greatest friends and family ever. I will be moving into an apartment with Christopher, and although things haven’t gone exactly according to plan, we’re handling it.
A lot of things have happened in my life, but all have shaped my quirky, fun-loving self. Here’s to those people I still love, those I may have met but who have left my life, and those who have been with me for a while. I hope you’ll ride this thing called life out with me.


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