Whether we move on from a place in our lives or others do so, it’s important to at least reconnect with those we have been friends with for years, worked with or met quickly.
A girl in the shipping department at work and two girls who have both left the place I work at and I try to meet up at least once a month at our favorite restaurant in Horsham, PA – Mad Mex The girl I still work with could not meet up with us, but the other two were able to tonight.
Of course, drinks are first, so I ordered the signature Big Azz Margarita. That’s right, named for the 22 ounces of limey margarita awaiting you, rimmed in salt. Then, nachos with the three dips we chose: guacamole, XX cheese dip, and hummus. Mmm! For the entree, I got Nacho Momma’s Taco Platter, with four tacos loaded up with cheese, beef, lettuce, and rice, salsa, sour cream, and for an extra $1.50, some guacamole. I’m getting hungry again just thinking about it!
Food aside, we were able to catch up since we haven’t met for almost two months, and we were also able to relax after a long day at our respective jobs.
Although it may not be often, I love these occasional meet-ups with people from the past that remain in the present. It’s a rare gift, so make room for even the smallest fiesta!



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