It turns out that my outlook has been all wrong. That’s the reason why my last post was over five months ago. Instead of taking the opportunity to just go and do things, I got comfortable and felt stuck in the routine 9-5 (well, for me, anywhere from 8:15-6 or 6:30), which told me I wanted to get back to my apartment and do nothing else. I wasn’t happy about living this way, it was just a tunnel where I couldn’t see the light at the end.

Finally, someone led me to that light. It took a dreaded walk from our street to Rex Avenue, and then into Fairmount Park. Christopher asked me what I do to relieve stress. I replied “nothing,” and tried to leave things there. He said when he gets stressed, he goes out into nature and walks. “Why don’t you go for a walk every now and then?” he asked, and I wondered how one could find enjoyment in just doing that.

I admitted that I used to find inspiration in everything which left stress to the wayside, and would elaborate on my findings on this blog, but that it had been many months since I had written. More so, it had been many months since I had discovered inspiration in daily life at all. Then I remembered something that happened maybe a month or two ago:

After work one night, I stopped at Walmart to pick up some cereal for the next morning’s breakfast. As usual, I zoomed right to the aisle, making it as quick as possible since i was not happy that I had to stop and buy it, and made my way around the store just in case I saw something else I needed. I was walking back up front to the registers, where to my left in the greeting card aisle, I saw a young girl tap dancing all around while her mom looked at the cards. That made my stride slow a bit, and I thought, I need to take time to slow down and enjoy life, not necessarily by tap dancing through Walmart, but by finding those little reminders of inspiration.

It was after I remembered that memory that my outlook was shifting. I wasn’t happy to be out walking since it was cold and windy, but, we watched two geese jump off of rocks and fly toward the water. Absolutely incredible! In application to daily life, my job can be very hectic, but if I were to focus less on the cold wind and the stressful times, and instead look for the incredible things that happen, like watching geese flying from the rocks, well, things might just be a little easier and there might be more love for life.