It’s been three years since the greatest day of my life. Did I know that back then? Not at all.
March 6, 2010: We went on to Spring Break after hanging out every night for a few weeks. I had never felt worse than I did leaving him for about a week.
March 6, 2011: he was studying in Greece for a class. As upset as I was, I knew how important this opportunity was, and laid that anniversary aside.
March 6, 2012: I visited him while he studied abroad in London. As if it was not enough to be visiting London, the only place I had ever been to outside of the United States. We visited Westminster Abbey, the most incredible place I’ve ever seen, and once we stepped outside, I was presented with the most beautiful promise ring. It meant more than anything to share that time with him, especially since I knew he greatly missed everyone at home.
March 6, 2013: Today, we weren’t able to spend time together until tonight. We planned on making a freezer pizza my parents gave us, accompanied by some sangria from a jug he bought a week ago. Instead, we were blessed enough to receive some money from his grandfather to go to dinner. And where else, but Iron Hill Brewery! Salads and beers, what a most perfect combination.
We spent many times apart due to the distance from where we lived, and although our places now may be temporary, I can’t think of anyone I would rather be with. He truly makes all the storm clouds in life fade behind rainbows.
It’s crazy, but when you know, you know.