It’s crazy to think that the cycle has begun for my friends to start getting married. Heather, whom I met as a freshman in college (almost six years ago!), and was my roommate for Junior and Senior year, got married yesterday. She and Aaron have been together for about 8 years, so even before I met her.
Upon receiving in the invitation to go, I was so excited. Even yesterday, I was so ready to celebrate the moment she had been waiting for for a long time. Chris and I made the trip to Jersey in the afternoon. The ceremony was beautiful, and my other roommate from college, Jazzmen, was in her bridal party.
Sitting in the crowd on the bride’s side, I couldn’t help but realize; this is it, the beginning of the weddings. Although I’ve been out of college for two years, it still didn’t feel so real to be engulfed in adulthood as it did yesterday. Jazzmen will get married this September, my good friend, Mark, in February.
Me? If we were able, Chris and I would have gotten married a good year or two ago. But it’s not plausible since he is just graduating from college next week. I hope it will be within the next three years, but all I know is now is not our time.
I was also able to see a few of my friends we graduated with, and only get to see every few months. I miss walking down the residence halls popping in to each of their rooms, versus trying to make plans to meet whenever we can.
All in all, I wish Heather and Aaron the best, although I know they don’t need my wishes. And to every 20-something out there, the day will come which will launch adulthood reality: your friends’ weddings.