71. That’s how many days are left until I get married to my best friend. That’s IT.

We’ve been dating for almost 5 years (March 6 marks 5 years), and this is the moment I have been waiting for pretty much our whole relationship. It feels like we’re married already, but I hear that things completely change upon marriage. I’ll let you know if that’s the case.

Anyway, I have been a pretty active member on Birchbloggers, Birchbox’s blogging group on Facebook, and I got to thinking. Since I have been waiting for this special day for so long, I really want to look my best. March 21 marks the day of our families and friends coming together to celebrate us and our relationship. That’s huge, especially since his family is from Connecticut and Texas, while mine is from Virginia!

One of the products I got from Birchbox to help me during this 71 day quest is Puff Off by Benefit Cosmetics. I have always had a little puff to my under eyes, and I’ve just never felt very motivated to improve the problem. Until now. I used my hard-earned Birchbox points to get it, among other wonderful things as well, and boy was that a great decision. Tried it out last night, and immediately felt and noticed the difference. I also have pretty sensitive eyes and wear contacts, and it didn’t bother them at all! I felt a little tired this morning, used a little dab of Puff Off! and bam! under eyes looked and felt great.

I know this will be a lengthy process in a short amount of time, but am so happy to be feeling my best!

Has anyone gotten to try this miracle product, Benefit Puff Off! yet?


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