I am so excited to be reviewing my first item from Tomoson! I have been experiencing extremely dry skin from the harsh winter cold, so this came just in time — a nice big bottle of coconut oil!


This coconut oil from goPURE Naturals is fractionated (which means it stays in liquid form), 100% natural so it’s completely pure of icky stuff (which I love!), and says it absorbs quickly, so we’ll give it a try.



I decided to use a cotton ball to apply the oil to my tissue-worn nose and to my face since I just came back home in a snowstorm. The oil is pretty thin so I very carefully got some onto the cotton ball to control it and it came out. This method seems pretty effective since it put a very nice layer of the oil onto my face and nose, and in no way does it leave skin feeling oily, just smooth. I also like that there is not much of a scent to it because you can barely tell that you’ve put it on. I put some on my hand (below) and then rubbed it in to put some moisture back. It doesn’t take long to absorb which is great! AND my face and hand still feel hydrated from the oil a while after application.


I plan to keep using this product to cure my dry skin needs, and am very pleased with the way my skin feels so far! I also want to try it on my hair for a nice shiny look!

If you’re thinking about this alternative to skincare, check it out on Amazon.

~I received this fractionated coconut oil  as a free promotional product from Tomoson.



I was given a free welcome box from Wet Shave Club for men, and I’m excited to share my findings with you!


I’m already loving the wet shave instructional card.


First up is the Spiced Rum Shave Soap. The rum scent with that extra little kick of spice smells fantastic! The products are all natural which is great too.


Second, a really nice brush. Nice tough bristles with soft edges. Great for ridding hair that has just been shaven and for lathering the face for shaving prep.


Next is the razor + blade. Very nice quality and the handle has a slight heaviness to it so you can really be precise when you use it.


This small leather guy looks like a blade cover which is made really nicely.


Lastly, the Ship Commander Aftershave Balm. It has a really nice, fresh scent, and with the addition of menthol, it’s got a kick to the smell. I can imagine it tingles and feels fresh on the skin after shaving.


All in all, this subscription box is a great deal! I will leave the actual testing of the products to my fiancé, but things look great so far!

If you like what you see, treat the man in your life — subscribe for 1, 3, or 5 months, or 1 year with the Wet Shave Club. If you’re a new subscriber, you can enter your email address and receive $5 off your first box!


So in preparation for my wedding in two and half months, I have really been paying attention to my face and keeping it looking its best. I have been falling in love with Benefit Cosmetics so I decided to try their Total Moisture Cream after receiving a sample with the Bluff Dust I bought from their website (I will likely do a review on it soon). Then I used a 20% coupon from Birchbox — can you say it was down to $33?!

Let me tell you, this cream is great! You use a very little bit at a time, and the moisture is outstanding! I’ve been using it every night before going to bed for a week or two, and I may start using it every morning too. The scent is light and my face felt smooth for hours! Let’s just say this is yet another Benefit product I need in my life always.